2016 Class Offerings

The following are the full day (6 hours) classes I am currently teaching.  I am happy to talk with you about customizing classes for your group.  I am also available for a lecture/trunk show of my quilts.  Please email me at bookingforTPS@gmail.com for information on rates and availability.  Please read below for class descriptions and to see sample quilts.
  1. Log Cabin - Modern Makeover
  2. Scrappy Improvisation
  3. Piecing Hexagons by Machine - Only taught at events where students can be on their own sewing machines.
  4. Slice and Insert Improvisation
  5. Modern Crazy Piecing
  6. Stitch and Flip Improvisation
  7. Magic Number Quilts
  8. Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot
  9. Precision Lines
  10. The Supernova Quilt

Lecture/Trunk Shows
Quilting Modern:  Honoring Tradition
Jacquie shares her journey from being a maker, to becoming a quilter, and now a modern quilter, designer and author.  Jacquie tells about her Mennonite roots, how her family inspires and influences her work, and shows through her quilts how she has developed her unique voice in modern quilting.  Learn what makes a quilt modern from one of the leaders of the modern quilting movement.

Modern Quilting:  You'll Know It When You See It
Are you seeing the word "modern" plastered on anything that moves these days?  Confused about what Modern Quilting really is?  Jacquie will share her definition of Modern Quilting and directly address some of the misunderstandings and questions about the modern aesthetic.  As always the best way to understand anything about modern quilts is by seeing examples and Jacquie will share lots of quilts and talk about what makes them modern or not.  Come with your questions and we'll talk Modern Quilting together.


The Supernova Quilt
Full Day Class
Class Description

Combine simple sewing with a bit of color work and improvisation and you can make the explosive Supernova quilt. The Supernova design takes advantage of the ability of the stitch and flip triangle block to create shape. As you make the quilt, you'll learn about the importance of using value differences to create a design with depth and movement as well as how improvisation can create variety and unexpected shapes which lead to a dynamic design. The Supernova quilt for this class finishes at 54" x 54". This class requires design wall space for each student.

Precision Lines
Full Day Class
Class Description

Embrace the beauty, simplicity and versatility of the line in your quilts.  This class will explore linear quilt design and piecing. Students will learn design principles related to using lines in quilts as well as precision, measured piecing for simple, stunning linear quilts.  Learn tips and tricks to achieve perfectly straight lines and flat intersections. 

Sinking Sun Quilt

Creative Quilting With the Walking Foot
Full Day Class or Two Day Class
Class Description

Want to quilt your quilts on your home machine and maybe free motion quilting isn't for you?  Come discover the joy and creative possibilities of quilting with your walking foot.  Straight-line quilting has a long history and is making a comeback in both modern and traditional quilts.  Learn tips and tricks for successful quilting with your walking foot along with creative quilting designs that can be accomplished on your home machine.  In the two day class we'll continue with additional walking foot designs.
Echoing in with the walking foot

Sectioning with the walking foot

Stitch and Flip Improvisation
Full Day Class
Class Description
Use simple sewing to create stunning, unique designs with the stitch and flip technique! You will learn basic stitching and flipping, multiple stitch and flip variations, as well as how to manipulate the blocks to make an original stitch and flip quilt.  Once you've mastered the technique, the possibilities are endless.  Prepare to be inspired!  

Blind Co-pilot Quilt

Log Cabin - Modern Makeover
Full Day Class
Class Description
Learn how to take the traditional log cabin block and give it a modern twist through improvisation.  Use solids, prints or your scraps and let it go with free cutting, sewing and anything goes design possibilities as you make your version of an improvised log cabin quilt.
Not Lost in the Woods (Elongated Wonky Log Cabin Block)
Scrappy Cabin Quilt (Anything Goes Log Cabin Block)
Scrappy Improvisation
Full Day
Class Description
This class will help you use all those scraps that are too big to throw away, but you're not sure how to use.  Learn this unique twist on improvisational piecing and discover and learn to use the concept of "inflow" to manipulate the negative space in your quilt. During the class you'll make blocks of varying sizes and learn the paneling process to create a unique layout for your quilt.  
The Urban Garden Quilt
Urban Garden Table Runner
Piecing Hexagons by Machine
Full Day Class
Class Description

Love hexagons, but dread hand piecing?  Love sewing hexagons by machine, but find marking tedious?  Be prepared to love machine-piecing hexagons and master the dreaded Y-seam with ease.  Students will make the All Hexagons All the Time lap-sized quilt and sew all those hexagons with no marking.  In addition I will teach a quick and easy technique for cutting those hexagons in no time.  
All Hexagons All the Time
Slice and Insert Improvisation
Full Day Class
Class Description

Join Jacquie for a full day workshop focusing on the improvisational Slice and Insert piecing technique from the book Quilting Modern:  Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. Learn the basic technique and a new adaptation, a foolproof strategy for matching inserts, simple techniques for adding complexity to a design as well as how to work with even width and wedge shaped inserts.  Combine simple sewing with a new skill and create your own linear design.  Jacquie will share quilts from the book as well as new designs to inspire you.
The Unparalleled Quilt
The Crosscut Quilt
The Tallgrass Quilt

Modern Crazy Piecing
Full Day Class
Class Description
Think Victorian crazy pieced quilts, but make it modern!  Students will learn the improvisational crazy piecing technique and make crazy pieced sections to add to placemats, table runners or quilt designs.  
To The Point Quilt
Crazy Piecing is like making your own fabric from your scraps!
Crazy pieced sections can be added to small projects like place mats.

Improvisation with Magic Numbers
Half day class only
Are you interested in improvisation, but aren't sure you're ready to throw caution to the wind?  No problem.  Step into improvisation in a structured way with the concept of magic numbers.  Different sized blocks will fit together like magic and you'll have the flexibility to create a one of a kind improvised quilt.  For the three-hour class it is important that you come to class with your pieces cut and ready to sew.
Magic Number quilt